[UNDERGRADUATES] The Results of Allocation and Reallocation of Dormitories for 2023/2024 Academic Year

To protect personal information, please log in to the system (https://housing.ntu.edu.tw/) to see the results of allocation and reallocation of dormitories for 2023/2024. For the sake of convenience of students who want to change the draw result, you can see all result after you log in to the system, but please do not download the file or share it on the internet so as not to cause personal data breach. 


Due to available bed numbers in the senior dormitories (Female) are not enough for all applicants, 91 female residents will be put on the waiting list. If students live in the senior dormitories apply for the dorm withdrawal due to exchange abroad, suspension, move to BOT or move off-campus, we will fill the vacancies in order and E-mail to your NTU mail box. Those who are not arranged to the senior dormitories till the semester start will be moved to Freshman Women Dorm temporarily, and if there is an empty bed available in the senior dormitories, then we will notify you to move. If you plan to apply for the dorm withdrawal in the coming semester, please notify us via email as soon as possible so that we can accelerate progress in filling the vacancies.


Change the draw lots

  • Time: From Wednesday, May 10th, 2023, at 10am to Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023, at 5pm.
  • Students who want to change the draw result, can find students or groups willing to exchange by themselves. Students can apply in person or apply on-line:
  1. Apply in person: Please bring the student IDs of both parties to the Student Housing Service Division Office. (Each group can select one representative to bring all applicants’ student IDs to the Student Housing Service Division Office.)
  2. Apply on-line: Only one person in each group need to fill out the forms online, and upload the image of all applicant’s student IDs.           Application Website: https://forms.gle/cYwscQMiwXHWPiqA6
  • Change of draw platform: Students should apply it online at https://ppt.cc/fLTIex, and check the related information at https://ppt.cc/fPQ2Gx
  • Announcement of change result: Announced on the website of the Student Hosing Service Division on Friday, May 26th, 2023, at 2pm.
Moving Date
  • Summer term residents for 8 weeks: Around Sunday, August 13rd, 2023 to Saturday, August 19th, 2023 can move into the new room. Please be aware of the time of the availability of the new room.
  • Non-Summer term residents, and Summer term residents for less than 8 weeks: Monday, August 28th, 2023 is the earliest date you may move into the new dorm.
  • The date of relocation of each dormitory or bed may vary depending on the building, please cooperate with the Resident Director’s announcements. If you have any questions, please contact the Resident Director directly: https://osa_dorm.ntu.edu.tw/AboutUs/ResidentDirectors

Following is the final total available bed numbers and the actual number of applications for 2023/2024 Academic Year:
  Total available bed numbers Groups of 1 person Groups of 2 people Groups of 3 people Groups of 4 people
Men 2nd Dorm 141 22 16 13 12
Men 3rd Dorm 184 23 24 15 17
Men 4th Dorm 143 19 17 10 15
Men 5th Dorm 115 23 13 14 6
Men 6th Dorm 114 24 15 8 9
Men 7th Dorm 158 27 21 15 11
Men 8th Dorm 141 31 15 12 11
Total number of male 996 169 121 87 81
Actual number of applications 960 153 76 82 78
  Total available bed numbers Groups of 1 person Groups of 2 people Groups of 3 people Groups of 4 people
Women 1st Dorm 123 32 19 11 5
Women 2nd Dorm 153 34 14 17 10
Women 3rd Dorm 134 39 22 9 6
Women 4th Dorm 130 9 22 11 11
Women 5th Dorm 49 8 9 5 2
Women 6th Dorm 129 13 12 16 11
Women 8th Dorm 40 7 11 1 2
Guo Qing Dorm 14 6 4    
Total number of female 772 148 113 70 47
Actual number of applications 863 226 119 62 43
  • The actual total number of applications includes students living in Men 1st Dorm, Freshman Women Dorm and those whose student ID beginning with B11 but did not apply online.

  • For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Feng. TEL: (02)3366-2266, E-mail: anhua@ntu.edu.tw


Best Regards,

Student Housing Service Division

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